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When you’re creating a setting in creative writing mode, you really only have two options: use a real world setting or create your own.  Now, with both options, there are a ton of sub-options/questions that need to be filled out.  After all, we’re going for a realistic world here.  Our readers need to be able to believe it’s real.

In today’s lesson, we’ll be creating our own world.  I’ll be giving you questions and answers as a sample idea to get you into the thinking mode.  Let’s go ahead and jump right into it shall we?

Is your world Earth like or not?  In this case, we’ll say it’s not.

Is it a modern world, futuristic, or perhaps medieval?  Sense it’s not Earth like, we’re going to go with a medieval setting.

Since your world is not Earth like, what is it like?  Barren?  Nothing but Water?  Volcanic?  Let’s go…

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Top 10 Competing Social Media Mobile Applications

People are constantly on the lookout for social networks. Wherever they’re friends are or whatever it is with the in-crowd, people are likely to join them.

These days, social networking has shifted from computers to mobile. Connecting with friends has become more convenient and easier for everyone.

While they are mostly there to help you connect with people, they can also help you land a job, stay updated with news information, and discover…

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Excellent article! I too agree that EAv can drive real world results as long as the missions are simple, as the article points out. When I see a laundry list of items to complete I’m hit’n the Missions button to grab another one. Keep it smart and simple.

As for EAv’s platform, and any platform for that matter, there will always be gamers, cheaters, and hacks. It’s unfortunate but a necessary evil to keep the creators busy and engaged..

Empire Avenue Tips

Troy Media has published a new article about Empire Avenue on its site.  The article features info, stories and opinions from Robert Lavigne and focuses specifically on the real-world results missions can produce for businesses. It also talks about what Tim Gorree has accomplished for Nokia through Empire Avenue.

It’s great to hear more examples of how EAv is more than a game and helping organizations achieve their goals!

Hopefully, EAv will start to Communicate “Social Media Rocket Fuel” themselves more often, and work on the issues that so often limit the success of missions like mission cheating and cumbersome communities which make it difficult to target missions to specific niches.

What do you think of the article?  What do you think of the effectiveness of Empire Avenue to produce real world business results?

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