Another great article Anna! People forget top management is pre-occupied running a business and may know ‘about’ social media, let alone ‘internal’ social media, but probably don’t understand it. Time and resources are a major factor. Adding a little “Magic”, as you so eloquently write, may be the bridge top executives need to either get involved or delegate the necessary resources… :-))

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Do your CEO and his closest crew say no to internal social media? What’s the reason? Well, it sounds differently in different corporations or depending on who you speak to, but a common answer when management don’t want to engage is this:

“We don’t want people to throw away valuable work hours by chatting, irrelevant status up-dating and God-knows-what non work related stuff. And, by the way, social media is probably just a passing fad. So, just let us ignore it.”

Ok, who can (or dare) argue? In a way it’s true: Only God-knows-what will happen. It can, as Cinderella says, be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… (and here it comes): Completely wonderful.

What Would Cinderella Do?

If you want that internal social media-thing to happen in your company, your mission is to bring top management some magic.

Often, negative responses to…

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What a great article Anna! Successful communication is key in any environment but more importantly when operating in business environments when the end goal is more leads, sales, and repeat business. Asking for feedback or ideas when presenting your thoughts via a visual tool like Power Point can go a long way toward getting the message and communication right the first time.

make a powerful point

A message doesn’t work if it’s just sent out. It must also be sent in. Think about it. Is your message understood just because you have delivered it? Consider it delivered when you are sure your audience understands.

A lot of people just send their messages out. I have seen it a million times in corporate communication, especially in a company’s internal communication. PowerPoints with no context appear on the intranet (can it be worse?) and people act like: “here’s my presentation, read my mind!”

What does such a message communicate? Certainly not what’s intended. Say you have worked a long time on a project, it’s finally finished and you want to spread the word. You place your latest PowerPoint on the intranet (the same presentation you used when summing up the accomplished work in your project group). You write some kind of caption instead of a headline, let’s say “New product”, you add a thumbnail pic…

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Top Crucial Metrics to Monitor Your Blog’s Growth

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Reports are conveyed through these reports in the form of statistical diagrams and graphical implementation. Focusing on these reports can help in recognizing the overall growth factor of the blog

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