EAv Premium Accounts Now Available!

Thinking I’m going to take a wait and see approach ~ wait for the fallout and see what develops afterwards. ;-))

Empire Avenue Tips

premium accountsEmpire Avenue has officially launched premium accounts.

The names, prices and features of the accounts appear to be virtually identical to those announced in the revised version of the pre-release announcement on August 1.

Existing users who upgrade before the end of August will receive 20% off for the first 3 months.

Premium accounts essentially provide users with 4 benefits…

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EAv Publishes New Missions FAQs. Do They Clear Things Up For You?

Why not create a system that once an EAv’r completes the mission, hold the eaves in escrow and leave it up to the mission creator to release the eaves once they are satisfied the mission is complete? I mean if the complaint is non completion of the mission then force the creator to “Complete” the mission by releasing the eaves. If this is too much to ask for then stop complaining and rely on the honesty and dis-honesty of the system. Either simplify your missions by breaking up the tasks .. and I mean uber-simple .. or accept the fact that Empire Avenue is a game and a certain percentage of peeps are going to ‘game’ the system to suit themselves, i.e. collecting eaves.

Empire Avenue Tips

eav missions faqsEAv has published a new Missions FAQs document in which the EAv team provides answers to 18 frequently asked questions about missions.

The long awaited FAQs arrive after months of debates and complaints in the community discussion area about mission thieves and feedback ratings.

So, what do the Missions FAQs tell us?

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How to Grow on Twitter – Social Bro: Part 1, Targeted Following

Excellent content and excellent training on how to grow your Twitter following the right way. Great work Malcolm…

Still Malcolm

There are more than 200 million active users on Twitter every month. A fair few of them may be interested in your charity or nonprofit, but sending out Tweets in the hope that they will stumble upon you is a bit like flying over New York and dropping a single flyer for your next event.

Rocking Twitter Logo

Instead of broadcasting to an empty room, start engaging with the people on Twitter who might actually want to hear what you have to say. By following people who are already tweeting about your niche, who have your interests in their bio, or are in your area there’s a good chance that some of them are going to follow you back.

While you are growing your account you are only allowed to follow 2,000 people. You want to make sure that those 2,000 people are interested in you and your ideas, that they tweet regularly, that they…

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#Granniegram’s Greeting includes video and poll

Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog


Miracles In Your LIfe

Good morning


friends divine

Thanks for the

in filling

of love  and gratitude

with  all of its

blessings in

this heart of mine.


for your Grace.


to you

dear hearts

from a wonderful space.

My heart is soaring

dancing in place.

I am blessed

by your friendship

by the smile on your face.

I am glad

we came to be


in this HU**-man race.  

Now, lets take a moment….

not race, not run,

not jump-up-and-down

on the spot

nor worry and pace..

 Let’s just be filled

with the wonder

of children

in our hearts

happy joyous and free.

Let us give thanks

for our blessings

Let us walk with WahZ.*

Thanks dear hearts

I am sending you love

Share it with others

 when you are ready

that would mean a lot.

*WahZ  (the spiritual name of my…

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I don’t much care for communities. Not that is doesn’t have its benefits but it’s a time thing iwth me. Anyone involved in social media would find it difficult ~ if not impossible, to maintain activity and engagement with their respective communities. I can see why EAv ditched it ..

Empire Avenue Tips

Empire Avenue interest communitiesEmpire Avenue announced today on its blog that it is ending City Communities and Interest Communities but will continue to support Personal Communities.

City Communities were communities EAv had set up for metropolitan areas as an attempt to connect EAvers who are close geographically.  Similarly, Interest Communities were set up by EAv in an attempt to connect EAvers who share a similar interest.

What does this mean for you and me?

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