EAv Publishes New Missions FAQs. Do They Clear Things Up For You?

Why not create a system that once an EAv’r completes the mission, hold the eaves in escrow and leave it up to the mission creator to release the eaves once they are satisfied the mission is complete? I mean if the complaint is non completion of the mission then force the creator to “Complete” the mission by releasing the eaves. If this is too much to ask for then stop complaining and rely on the honesty and dis-honesty of the system. Either simplify your missions by breaking up the tasks .. and I mean uber-simple .. or accept the fact that Empire Avenue is a game and a certain percentage of peeps are going to ‘game’ the system to suit themselves, i.e. collecting eaves.

Empire Avenue Tips

eav missions faqsEAv has published a new Missions FAQs document in which the EAv team provides answers to 18 frequently asked questions about missions.

The long awaited FAQs arrive after months of debates and complaints in the community discussion area about mission thieves and feedback ratings.

So, what do the Missions FAQs tell us?

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