I agree with your suggestion Paul. Guess it really boils down to time. What is a fair and equitable time table for new Eavers to adjust and engage with others before investors start selling due to lack of activity? Why even mess with percentages, make it simpler ~ put a lock on selling new shares for ‘x’ period, just like the stock market does for IPO’s ~ can’t sell during the cooling off period, however not as long as the stock market (6 months I believe). Two weeks to a month would work..

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empire avenue solutionsOne of the things that surprises and frustrates many new users is the dramatic drop in share price that usually occurs because of a big sell off a few days into their EAv adventure. This could be resolved with a new commission structure on new users.

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“Ain’t got no job, ain’t got no money – what else am I gonna do?” 🙂 Grabbed 6 out of 14 today. After cleaning out the closet here’s how the number’s shake out after 16 days of investing and tracking 156 listed. Sold 15% of the portfolio to net 70% ROI. Currently holding 85% with an ROI 60%. 18% of the portfolio is rockin above 100% and 15% have returned investments. Thank you Paul for your valuable insights, commitment and dedication. Have a great weekend!

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Hello EAvers and happy Friday! Today we’ve got 14 of 64 new users with divs > 0.15e…

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I definitely agree with this recommendation. Having a progress bar with rewards along the way would go a long way toward keeping people interested. And yes, information in moderation is the best approach. Thanks for sharing Paul!

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empire avenue solutionsWhen new someone first signs up for Empire Avenue, they are asked to complete a simple sign-up form, then “Select Interest” and after that they are thrown on to a very confusing page of buttons and profiles and left to fend for themselves (have a look.)

It’s no wonder that many new users never get beyond this point.

Empire Avenue could do a much better job helping new users get acquainted by walking them through an orientation process.

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Are Small Businesses Staying Abreast of Social Media Trends?

Social media is becoming more complex, and businesses need to know how to keep abreast of new social media trends. We are already halfway through 2012 and thus far specific changes occurred in the social media sphere. To be a force in the new business world small businesses will need to embrace social media and utilize the power it brings.
Utilize the Complex Analytical Capabilities of Social Networks
When someone logs on to their social media account they are able to collect a lot of

Social Media Trends

Paul ~ I agree with the recommendation with a caveat. Force a new share buy holding period for new signups. This will eliminate the pump/dump and give new signups an opportunity to learn EA without the intimidation of buying and selling. The veterans pretty much do this already, buy and hold, so this suggestion is targeting those that game the EA system. Looking forward to #2…

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empire avenue solutionsEvery night, usually between 4 and 7 AM Eastern time, Emipre Avenue’s squirrels go to work calculating dividends and network scores for all EAv accounts. As a part of that process, every user’s share price is tweaked. This causes lots of problems and frustration and should be eliminated.

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Excellent ~ looking forward to the next 12 days Paul!

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empire avenue solutionsNow that we’ve analyized and discussed the results of the Empire Avenue Pain Points Poll, I’m going to start proposing solutions to each of the “pain points” – one each day for the next 12 days.  If we’re going to get EAv to implement these solutions, we need need a massive show of support for each of them.  Here how you can do that…

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TGIF! Another great week thanks to Paul’s dedication and commitment. After 9 days of investing and tracking results I’ve added 40 out of 94 ~ ROI 48.7% with 3 Eavers rockin’ above 100%. Five invested back and two have negative returns. Thank you Paul and have a great weekend!!

Empire Avenue Tips

Hello my fellow EAvers and happy Friday! We’ve got 11 of yesterdays 50 new sign-ups on today’s list…

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