3 Ways Twitter Can Attract Unlimited Traffic

3 Ways In Which Twitter Can Attract Unlimited Traffic To Your Blog..
Twitter has been the top social networking website for many years in spite of its limited functionality. For a businessperson it is important how and why to use Twitter for his business. Yes, Twitter has the power to bring unlimited traffic to your blog because it has innumerable users and more users are joining it every day. Exposure to such a network free of cost is an excellent opportunity for bloggers.

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Twitter Pitfalls in Social Media Strategy

Twitter Pitfalls in Social Media Strategy That You Shouldn’t Fall..
The idea of using Twitter as a common social media platform to promote your business and brand is not a new thing to hear. You can see many brands using Twitter to engage their clients and prospective customers. They try to connect to their target audiences using different strategies over Twitter. It is also being used by different celebrities to communicate with their fans. For instance, celebrities like Shaquille O’ Neal

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What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing isn’t just about promoting a business, product and/or service via different social media platforms.

Contrary to popular belief marketing isn’t about you, it’s about your unique selling position and what value added benefits you’re marketing to prospects and customers.

Before we get into the benefits of social media marketing we need to clearly define the

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