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When you’re creating a setting in creative writing mode, you really only have two options: use a real world setting or create your own.  Now, with both options, there are a ton of sub-options/questions that need to be filled out.  After all, we’re going for a realistic world here.  Our readers need to be able to believe it’s real.

In today’s lesson, we’ll be creating our own world.  I’ll be giving you questions and answers as a sample idea to get you into the thinking mode.  Let’s go ahead and jump right into it shall we?

Is your world Earth like or not?  In this case, we’ll say it’s not.

Is it a modern world, futuristic, or perhaps medieval?  Sense it’s not Earth like, we’re going to go with a medieval setting.

Since your world is not Earth like, what is it like?  Barren?  Nothing but Water?  Volcanic?  Let’s go…

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