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Miracles In Your LIfe

Good morning


friends divine

Thanks for the

in filling

of love  and gratitude

with  all of its

blessings in

this heart of mine.


for your Grace.


to you

dear hearts

from a wonderful space.

My heart is soaring

dancing in place.

I am blessed

by your friendship

by the smile on your face.

I am glad

we came to be


in this HU**-man race.  

Now, lets take a moment….

not race, not run,

not jump-up-and-down

on the spot

nor worry and pace..

 Let’s just be filled

with the wonder

of children

in our hearts

happy joyous and free.

Let us give thanks

for our blessings

Let us walk with WahZ.*

Thanks dear hearts

I am sending you love

Share it with others

 when you are ready

that would mean a lot.

*WahZ  (the spiritual name of my…

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