Another great article Anna! People forget top management is pre-occupied running a business and may know ‘about’ social media, let alone ‘internal’ social media, but probably don’t understand it. Time and resources are a major factor. Adding a little “Magic”, as you so eloquently write, may be the bridge top executives need to either get involved or delegate the necessary resources… :-))

Anna Rydne Communicate (your) Skills

Do your CEO and his closest crew say no to internal social media? What’s the reason? Well, it sounds differently in different corporations or depending on who you speak to, but a common answer when management don’t want to engage is this:

“We don’t want people to throw away valuable work hours by chatting, irrelevant status up-dating and God-knows-what non work related stuff. And, by the way, social media is probably just a passing fad. So, just let us ignore it.”

Ok, who can (or dare) argue? In a way it’s true: Only God-knows-what will happen. It can, as Cinderella says, be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… (and here it comes): Completely wonderful.

What Would Cinderella Do?

If you want that internal social media-thing to happen in your company, your mission is to bring top management some magic.

Often, negative responses to…

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  1. Thank you for re-blogging this article! I think social intranets are so important, still so hard to get top management to see the point. You’re absolutely right: time and resources are crucial.

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